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The game-changing Apple Silicone Chip is changed the pricing of MacBook over performance. Now you can get more than you pay. The silicone M series chip is outstanding for performance & Battery life.  Hassle while buying your MacBooks is over while Surge Tech arrived. We are ready to serve your for personal use or for corporate use, or even for your teams. From personal use MacBook to customized MacBooks, all are available in Surge Tech Private Limited. The price starts from above your imagination. 

Choosing a MacBook

Choosing a right MacBook is very easy with Surge Tech. While you may look for a MacBook for daily or personal use, or editing videos, music or developing software. Just follow our recommendation for your easy pick up. 
Personal Use

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Apple eco-system

The easy to use, super productive ecosystem let you do your task easier than ever. The user friendly Operation System with rich feature impact you for keeping your focus on task. Done your projects even short time with macOS. On a Mac, everything is designed to work just the way you expect it to — from operating it with simple, intuitive gestures to asking Siri to find a file to having your apps automatically update themselves. Whatever you set out to do on a Mac, there’s much less to learn and that much more to accomplish.

Performance & Power

There is nothing like Apple Silicone ARM Chip. Put everything in your Mac, it will handle gently. The Supercharged Macs are now even faster than ever. The latest next-generation SoCs (systems on a chip) that take the breakthrough power-efficient performance of Apple silicon to new heights. M2 Pro scales up the architecture of M2 to deliver an up to 12-core CPU and up to 19-core GPU, together with up to 32GB of fast unified memory. M2 Max builds on the capabilities of M2 Pro, including an up to 38-core GPU, double the unified memory bandwidth, and up to 96GB of unified memory. Its industry-leading performance per watt makes it the world’s most powerful and power-efficient chip for a pro laptop. Both chips also feature enhanced custom technologies, including a faster 16-core Neural Engine and Apple’s powerful media engine. M2 Pro brings pro performance to Mac mini for the first time, while M2 Pro and M2 Max take the game-changing performance and capabilities of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro even further.

Available Chipset

Apple M1 - The best choice for value for money and personal use. The 8-Core CPU, 7 & 8-Core GPU is great option for closing your most of task easily. Find M1 Powered Devices. 

Apple M1 Pro 

Apple M1 Max

Apple M1 Ultra

Apple M2

Apple M2 Pro

Apple M2 Max

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