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The retailing landscape is always changing. We need to take advantage of technologies. With core elements of e-commerce, retail & logistics technology for standardization -we are heading forward. To make the core service of Commerce & standard retail (Warehousing, retailing, hybrid-retailing) smoother and user-friendly with ease, we are working hard. Proving real-time support round the clock, expanded after-sale service, and more included in this line with a powerful remote management team over the country (Most) & world (In case if needed).

Enjoy full warranty support from Surge Tech, plus expanded support over the time. 


Surge Tech Pvt Ltd. is the largest & super multi-brand high-end tech retailer in Bangladesh with a collection of gigantic brands. Surge Tech Pvt Ltd. serves in Bangladesh for consumer, commercial and education segments, offering Apple’s full line-up of Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and every Apple products in the consumer, education, and and other reputable brands for enterprise & consumer markets. 

Supply Chain Management Strategies

Surge Tech offers branded lines in IT & Technological products and the list of labels just keeps growing. Surge Tech owns almost the whole lifecycle of its products. With our experts troubleshooting for inventory & supply chain management, we can lower the prices of goods. From selection to cost structure to customer experience, we have a virtuous circle. The commercial freight handled by our Supply Chain department for commercial services.

Product & Service Range

Surge Tech offers nearly all new Technological & IT products in Bangladesh, which is considerable, with various categories: Computer, networking, electronics, gaming, accessories, and more from Apple, Microsoft, Razer Blade & MSI like honorable brands. More included for commercial purchases.

Delivery Strategy

The delivery section is overseen by Surge Tech’s Supply Chain Department. Enjoy the fastest delivery over the country. While, for pre-order, back-order, or special order require immediate international shipping with care and responsibility. The integrated supply system reduce the cost & time for delivery the goods quickly.

Final Thoughts

"WE ARE SURGE TECH PVT LTD. Get to know the people who know your gear & tech products best. Surge Tech Pvt Ltd. is not a big box store, or a faceless chain, or a personality-free zone. Surge Tech Pvt Ltd. is a group of people who are passionate about the things you're passionate about—from daily computers, office supplies, photography, film, music and entertainment to productivity and technology, creating and imagining. Shop, and save with every purchase."